The wick is the heart of any candle. Its function has a considerable impact on the flame quality. Our goal: the perfect flame

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Wedo wicks, In close cooperation with our customers, which include the leading candle manufacturers, worldwide we aim to optimise the burning behaviour of the complex system that is a candle.

An optimally burning candle requires high-quality raw materials and wicks that are perfectly suited and prepared for their specific application by the right production and/or treatment methods. This alone allows the tip of the wick to reach the highest temperature, which is required to burn the used raw material with minimal residue.

Since our foundation in 1954, we have been working on improving our wicks continuously together with candle manufacturers, raw material suppliers and machine manufacturers. Today, our high-end products and extensive catalogue have helped us become a trusted partner for the candle industry. Traditionally stable, always in the present, firmly facing the future – the Wedo wick programme.

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