Comfy Solutions Natuaral Soy Wax Pillar N002 

This wax is not blended with any other elements besides soy, containing no other wax hardeners and no percentage of other waxes.

This variety is as advertised; pure, premium and natural soy wax. The way we've achieved a workable wax with just soy compound is by hydrogenating soya oil to create wax.

The creamy soy finish from this wax is simply stunning, with an even burn pool, great hot & cold scent throw the Comfy Natural Soy Wax from Comfy Solutions could be the perfect answer for those looking for a pure soy wax product.

By hydrogenating a by-product of the soy harvesting process, we’re able to use this thicker and tougher compound to harden and stabilise the natural soy wax resulting in a 100% natural product that performs consistently like any great wax should. The extraction process used in this Wax, has allowed for a higher melting point providing a wax suitable for pillar,tarts and melts. ( room tempreture and other factors will afftect outcome always test, some applications may need additive ) 


    Comfy Solutions Natuaral Soy Wax Pillar N002 

  • Is made entirely from Soy
  • A high fragrance tolerance for a pure soy wax (6-8%)
  • Gorgeous creamy soy finish
  • Great container adhesion
  • Anti-shrinking and frosting properties
  • Fantastic oil absorption resulting in amazing hot and cold scent throw


  • Melt Point: Peak melting temperature 58°C
  • Congealing Point: Congealing temperature 34.3°C
  • Recommended Heating Range: Range of heating 62°C - 72°C
  • Recommended Pouring Range: 45°C - 55°C
  • Recommended Fragrance Load:  6-10% - this depends on the potency of the fragrance so testing is required.
  • Contents: 100% Hydrogenated Soybean Oil


Please note- Seasonal changes may require higher pour temperatures during cold months, and lower pour temperatures during warmer months personal testing is required.We accept no responsibility for the performance or outcomes from the use of this product

SKU 15893
Brand Comfy Solutions

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