Size:125mm (5")

         Bore Size: 22.22mm (7/8")

         Thickness: 1mm (3/64"

         Intended Use:Stainless Steel (Inox) & Steel

         Maximum RPM:12,200 RPM

         Item Number:WHFE1251


Extreme cutting capacity (very short cutting times) with very long service life

Extremely thin for precise, virtually burr and chatter-free cuts (very clean and cool cutting surfaces)

Very comfortable operation available to protect the user and machine

Low cutting waste and dust formation

Low noise development and high break resistance

Free of iron, chlorine and sulphur (≤ 0.1%)


Application area

Stainless steel sheets, non-alloyed stainless steels, alloyed and high-alloy steels, rust- and acid-proof steels, chrome-nickel steels

Cutting of pipes, ventilation ducts, metal sheets (e.g. containers, sheet metal constructions), piping, rods, steel reinforcements, profiles and rails (in plumbing sector), cable conduits and cable ducts, high-voltage cables, steel cables, composite materials, plastics etc.



Storage: Dry, at 20°C room temperature

Work only with appropriate protective clothing

Always use an appropriate protective hood when performing cutting work

Work only with undamaged discs

Do not jam/tilt the discs during cutting — increased risk of breakage!

Ensure proper contact pressure

Always clamp cutting discs (straight design) with metal ring towards machine


 Safety Standards:                                            




Barcode # 600170770019

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